Mexico: The Beautiful Emerging World Power

A lot has been said about the horrible violence and corruption that has taken place in Mexico over the last years. Not so much has been said about the the great things this country has. And yet, Mexico sit receives over 23 million tourists every year. A few reasons to visit Mexico can be seen below.

In economics Mexico has been grouped with Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey as the MINT group, an alternative to the famous BRIC countries.

GDP in 2012 and 2050

As this graph by the World Bank and Goldman Sachs shows, Mexico is expected to reach a spot in the top ten largest economies by 2050. By then, the IMF predicts, the national average income will reach 48,000 US dollars, similar to the current income level in the US today.

Not only can the Mexican people look forward to a great future, this means great business and cultural opportunities for foreigners too.

Extra viewing

The beautiful side of the often maligned mega-city, Mexico City.


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