Help Stanford Cure Cancer, AIDS and Alzheimer’s (While You Sleep)



As of this moment there are or have been 7,456,354 CPUs running this program. Together, we make up the world’s largest distributed supercomputing project. The massive amount of data producd has led to the publication over 100 scientific papers (each one can take years to reach it’s final stage) aiding in the progress of understanding, treating and curing Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, Cancer, Malaria, Diabetes, Parkinson’s and several other deadly diseases.

Here’s what folding looks like:



There’s no need to be concerned about safety. You can see that it is an official project by Stanford University which was joined by Sony, has a Wikipedia entry, and I have installed it on multiple computers, even creating a team you should totally join (group number 226265).

Ready to get started?

Excellent! You can start the download by clicking here or download it from the official website here.

Remember: you are invited to join my team (226265) which is among the top 5%. All you have to do is download the program, and once it’s running it’ll offer to create you an identity and so you can join the team. Currently, we have been assigned with Influenza simulations which is responsible for 1/2 million deaths every year. Help us reach the top 1%  and add you’re own little grain of sand to a wonderful project.


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