Want To Become Rich? Programming For Everyone

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Programming Infographic


Additional Info and Resources

Python (Recommended Language for Beginners)

Python is a high level programming language. This means it uses a great deal of abstraction, which means that you can do a relatively large amount of things with few lines of code. This makes it a little less thorough and less efficient for the computer, but in turn it saves you a lot of time and work. You can use it for websites, apps and databases. According to Mashable.com it “powers the web apps for InstagramPinterest andRdio through its associated web framework, Django, and is used by GoogleYahoo! and NASA.” Bonus: it is quite easy to learn.


Another easy to learn high level programming language.


Do you want to build or modify a website? This is your language.


C family programming was initially considered high level programming. Today it is quite thorough compared to Python and Co. so it is considered a medium level language. It is more efficient and powerful than it’s higher counterparts, but it takes more time and effort to write. C in particular is the grandfather of many modern languages (many of them in fact build on C) but it is still very useful, especially for dealing with operating systems.


(Unrelated to Java). Javascript helps to display the graphics and connect it to the functionality of a website or program.


Mainly used for database management and analysis.

Where to learn?


Oriented to teaching elementary through high school students basic Javascript, Python and even creation of game apps for smartphones.

Code Academy

Probably the most popular website to learn code. It has a good community of teachers and learners. Accumulate badges and points for completing lessons and projects while learning HTML/CSS, JavaScript, JQuery (uses JavaScript to build interactive websites), Python, Ruby, PHP (server side language: web servers and browsers), and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces: tools to help you use the previous programs to write apps) .

Learn Street

Javascript, Ruby and Python beginner tutorials.

Khan Academy

In addition to their famous courses in math, science, economics, history, standardized test prep and others, their computer science section now teaches JavaScript programming. Create a profile and earn points and badges for completing different lessons, modules and activities in different areas.

W3 Schools

HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Server-side (SQL, PHP, ASP, others), XML (data storage and maipulation for websites), JQuery and more.

Hackety Hack

Learning Ruby with zero programming experience.

Coding Bat

Java and Python programming exercises.



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