The Coolest Pope Ever: Martians Can Be Baptized

According to CNN: “More than 85% of American Catholics say Francis is neither too liberal nor too conservative, and 86% say he’s in touch with the modern world. By comparison, more than half of American Catholics said Pope John Paul II was out of step with the times in 2003, near the end of his 26-year-long papacy.”

While the first Latin American Pope may not have yet made many concrete changes to a Catholic Church that has greatly fallen behind in terms of progress and reform, he certainly has changed the tone of the institution, giving him recognition from even many of the staunchest opponents of the Church during that last decades. Some of the issues about which he has promoted dialogue include abortion, homosexuality, feminism, other religions and atheism, socialism and contraception. He’s even taken selfies with young followers.

This is the latest headline about him:


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