Baron Cohen: Society and the Power of Comedy

Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen plays two fake TV personalities: Ali G (British-Caribbean rapper host) and Borat (traveling Kazakh journalist). Unsuspecting interviewees, including some high profile public figures, find themselves in uncomfortable situations which Baron Cohen uses to poke fun at them. Beyond the ridiculous humor, there is a deeper layer of meaningful satire, characteristic of all most comedy. In fact, SBC manages to get a double point across, making a mockery not only of his unwitting victims, but also, more subtly, of the stereotypes of the characters he plays.

(Make sure to check bonus video at the bottom of the post where Baron Cohen portrays a gay Austrian reporter).

Borat – In My Country There Is Problem


Ali G angers religious experts


Ali G In Da House Trailer


Borat at Patriotic Rally


Borat exposes a candidate running for political office


Borat gives a speech at a Republican club dinner


Ali G: Marriage, Lesbians, Abortion



Brüno goes to Alabama to enquire about homosexuality



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