Mom, Why You Shouldn’t Use Internet Explorer (And What To Use Instead)

You may have heard of the Heartbleed bug. To avoid going into details, it’s basically a vulnerability in certain systems which can be exploited to steal information. There is a lot of stuff like this, especially on the Internet. Not all of it is intentional, but believe me, there are a lot of people out there looking for ways to trick you. Now that I’ve got you scared, you should keep in mind that the Internet is still an extremely useful tool. With time, you’ll develop an intuitive sense of safety and you’ll be able to make the most of this amazing resource.

Internet Explorer is probably the default browser on your PC (unless you’re using a Mac). Browsers are programs that let you access the Internet. Now the problem with Internet Explorer is that a great deal of viruses and other potential threats are designed to exploit the weaknesses of this browser. To make things worse, Internet Explorer has had a tendency to fall behind in terms of security and efficiency in comparison to its main alternatives. Unfortunately, over 20% of people still use Internet Explorer, which might not seem like a lot, but believe me, that means millions of people.



Personally, my favorite is Firefox, but you’ll probably like Chrome better at this point because it is minimalistic, fast and you can connect it to your Google Account (Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube…). If you don’t have one, you definitely have to get it (I’ll make a tutorial for it you’ll be able to find in the ‘Mom Tutorial’ category).

Let’s start with downloading Chrome:

1) Go to the Chrome website and click on ‘download chrome’.

2) Check off both boxes and click Install.

3) A window should pop up. Click on ‘Save File’.

4) Once it finishes downloading another window pops up. Click ‘Run’.

5) If Windows asks about whether you want to allow the change click ‘Yes’.

6) Wait for the download to complete.

7) Congratulations! You’re done.


If you survived IE, you’ll see that using Chrome is very easy. So I’m going to give you a bonus task. We’re going to install a few extensions to make your browsing even more secure.

8) Right under the close button on Chrome there is a button with three stripes. Click it and then click settings.

9) On the left hand side, click ‘Extensions’, then ‘Get More Extensions’.

10) Type ‘Adblock Plus’ in the search box. Hit enter and then, under the search box, under ‘Types’ click ‘Extensions’. Open ‘Adblock Plus  from Click on the ‘ + Free ‘ button. Then click ‘add’. You should get something like this:

11) Well done. Now repeat the steps, but this time for the ‘HTTPS Everywhere’ extension. Remember to refine your search to extensions.

12) Finally, do the same for the ‘Disconnect’ extension.


Excellent! You’ve taken a major step today toward surfing the Web in a safer and more efficient manner. You might even be able to show off those extensions. Not a lot of people know about them. Why don’t you help them with that…


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