Hi Mom, Welcome to the Internets (Series)

Hey noob! That’s an affectionate word we use for you late arrivals at the technology scene. Don’t worry though, even the smartest computer guys in the world are noobs in one area or another. Well, it’s time to catch up. Odds are you’ve seen your friends, coworkers and grandchildren solve the problems you couldn’t figure out on your iPhone in just a few seconds. Now I can’t guarantee that you’re ever going to reach their technological wizardry, but we’re going to help you survive in this increasingly virtual world. Today’s noobness will soon become last century’s illiteracy.


This series assumes you have at least the very basic knowledge of how to use a computer (Google, e-mail, Word…). What you can learn is what comes after the very fundamentals via simple step-by-step instructions. To find the tutorials:

1) Scroll down to the very bottom.

2) On the bottom left corner, under “Categories”, click on ‘Mom Tutorials’.

3) Done.

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